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Finally, there is a revolutionary supplement for patients suffering from lung diseases!

Finally, there is a revolutionary supplement for patients suffering from lung diseases!

Lungs are our lifeline. Unfortunately, they are particularly vulnerable to harmful attacks because a variety of chemicals, toxins, pathogens like virus and bacteria enter the lungs directly from the environment. Coughing, sputum production, and a loss in lung function like difficulty in breathing can all be symptoms of compromised lung health.

Lungs are naturally resistant to environmental harm despite constant exposure to harmful agents. Their resistance is based on airway mucus, which provides a highly powerful defence. However, poor mucus clearance and a build-up of mucus in the lungs impede airflow, resulting in dyspnea, or shortness of breath.

Lung diseases are among the most frequent medical problems worldwide. Lung illness affects tens of millions of people across the world. The majority of lung disorders are caused by smoking, infections, pollution, and your own genes.

Every day, your lungs expand and contract hundreds of times to take in oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide. When any part of the respiratory system is affected, lung disease can develop.

Lung disease

Respiratory disease has a huge impact on people’s health. More than 235 million people worldwide have asthma, more than 200 million have the chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), 65 million have moderate-to-severe COPD, 1–6% of the adult population (more than 100 million people) has sleep-disordered breathing, 9.6 million people develop tuberculosis (TB) each year, millions have pulmonary hypertension, and more than 50 million people have occupational lung diseases, according to estimates.

At least 2 billion individuals are exposed to the harmful consequences of using biomass fuels, 1 billion to outdoor air pollution, and 1 billion to cigarette smoke. Chronic respiratory disease claims the lives of 4 million individuals each year.

India’s situation is also concerning. Some Indian cities are currently ranked among the most polluted in the world, and we are witnessing the consequences.

The term “chronic obstructive pulmonary disease” (COPD) refers to a range of lung diseases that cause difficulty breathing. It includes emphysema, which is caused by damage to the lungs’ air sacs. Chronic bronchitis is an inflammation of the airways that lasts for a long time. COPD is a collection of lung illnesses that make breathing difficult as lung functions deteriorate. Smoking, indoor pollution, occupational exposure to allergens and toxins, heredity, and other factors all have a role.

Because there is currently no cure for COPD, many individuals turn to supplements to help manage their symptoms and strengthen their lungs.

It is important to note that gut health is extremely crucial to maintain a healthy lung. The Gut-Lung axis is key to healthy immunity for the lungs. In all the aforementioned lung related problems, your gut health is compromised. You can take a pill to address lung related symptoms, but they alone are not sufficient – they do not address the root cause.

RezMicroZ – A Ray of Hope for Patients Suffering From Lung Diseases

The coronavirus infection 2019 (COVID19) created a global pandemic, resulting in a global health disaster. Some treatments, such as supplements have the potential to help combat coronavirus infection, according to latest scientific research. RezMicroZ, India’s first evidence-based, dietary supplement for Lung Health is here to help patients suffering from Lung Diseases take a sigh of relief.

Its one-of-a-kind combination of Immunobiotics and Immunoceuticals helps to address inflammatory imbalances and improve respiratory function. RezMicroZ’s unique combination of Immunobiotics aids in the restoration of gut microbiota balance, which is disrupted by various lung ailments such as asthma, COPD, Covid-19, interstitial lung disease, chronic lung infections, lung cancer, pulmonary fibrosis, and cystic fibrosis, and thus aids in lung health restoration.

RezMicroZ is the most suitable dietary supplement for :

  • Asthma
  • COPD
  • Pulmonary Fibrosis
  • Cystic Fibrosis
  • ILD
  • Lung Cancer
  • Long Covid Respiratory Infections

In order to keep a healthy lung, it is critical to take care of our gut health. The immunological response of our bodies is influenced by changes in gut bacteria composition. In fact, our gut contains 70% of our immune system. Lung diseases are caused by a faulty immunological response. Lung problems, in turn, wipe off beneficial microorganisms in our intestines. A healthy combination of beneficial probiotics, prebiotics, and lung-specific nutraceuticals, according to scientific research, helps our bodies better manage lung disorders.

Here are some key features of RezMicroZ:

  • Based on more than 300 Research & Clinical Trial Findings and more than 20000 Patient Data
  • Each Ingredient is Chosen Based on Their Proven Role in Gut-Lung Axis & respiratory illness
  • Ingredients are Complementary to Each Other
  • Probiotics Tailor-Made for Indian Gene Pool
  • Extensive Analytical & Stability Testing for more than 1 Year
  • Validated by Subject Matter Experts
  • Premium Quality Raw Materials
  • FSSAI Approved

Ingredients in RezMicroZ are known to have anti-infective, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, and immune-boosting activities, as well as anti-infective and anti-thrombotic qualities. RezMicroZ provides our bodies with the best possible chance to fight, recuperate, maintain health, and protect against a wide range of lung disorders*.

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